Ministry History

CDB and JB on Sea of Galilee

Arabic Christian Ministries (ACM) had its beginnings in Beirut, Lebanon in 1968 in the ministry of Dwight and Jeanne Billingsley. They began the Baptist Student Center (BSC) in Beirut on Bliss Street, near the American University of Beirut, to present the good news of Jesus Christ to university students. From BSC came the organization of the Sioufi Baptist Church in Achrafieh, Lebanon. Out of these two entities have come many believers, who came to know Jesus, and have followed the original intent of the Ministry. These dedicated believers have been taking the gospel to many parts of the world, for nearly half a century. Many others, who were not a part of the original works in Beirut, have now joined in partnership with us.

In 2002, the Billingsleys began an Arabic television program in St. Louis, Missouri which resulted in the planting of the Arabic Baptist Church of St. Louis. This television ministry expanded to Dearborn, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia, Lansing, Michigan and Romeo, Michigan. In 2007, the ministry linked hands with the International Baptist Network, a world-wide network of pastors who subscribe to the same basic doctrinal beliefs. A conference was sponsored in 2007 in Belgium, underwritten financially by the Rawlings Foundation, with over 100 Arabic Baptist pastors in attendance. One year later another conference was sponsored by the Foundation which included the pastors’ wives. It was held on a floating hotel down the Nile River in Egypt. Today the works of those Arabic Pastors, who are linked to this ministry, now minister in scores of countries around the world. Arabic Gospel television programing, produced by ACM can be seen by going to this YouTube site: