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Three Arabic study programs are offered in Dearborn, Michigan in 2021 beginning in January and continuing on different dates, depending on the programs. (Minimum age is 15 years.) All three programs are based on the Kelsey Arabic Courses from Amman, Jordan, by permission, and taught by a native speaker.

1. Introduction to Spoken Arabic: Introduction to spoken Arabic for companies who want their employees to be able to speak basic pleasantries with Arabic-speaking customers. This is a group class. Give the name of the company, address, and phone number of person responsible. This is an 8-week course, 3 hours each Saturday. There are two sessions to chose from: 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 4 PM. The cost is $400 per person plus the textbook cost of $35. Fees are paid in advance.

2. Comprehensive Spoken Arabic: This tutored course uses the Kelsey Arabic Language Institute of Jordan’s curriculum beginning with basic conversational, everyday situational Arabic in Book One. If desired, the student can continue through Book Four, at the student’s own pace. The cost is $35 per tutored hour (two-hour minimum) plus the book of $30. The sessions are two hours each and we suggest two sessions per week, mornings, afternoons or evenings. Participants should be able to spend hours of home study as well as the in-class tutoring. Sessions are scheduled at the beginning of each month and paid in advance.

(Teachers in English schools that have newly arrived Arabic speakers find this program very helpful as well as employees who work in Michigan businesses who deal with Arabic speakers.)

3. Intensive Spoken and Written Arabic: This course is for those who have the time to invest in several sessions of tutoring each week in the classroom and individual hours of study, leading to a comprehensive, working knowledge of the Arabic Language. It is especially useful for those who plan to work with Arabic speaking immigrants or refugees in the United States or in a country in the Arabic speaking Middle East. Arabic speaking Americans are much in demand in the Middle East as teachers or in businesses.

Arabic Language School
5838 Chase Rd. Dearborn, MI 48126

*Arabic Language School (ALS) is operated by Arabic Christian Ministries (ACM) in cooperation with the Arab-American Friendship Center at 5936 Chase Rd. Dearborn MI 48126. Checks for ALS fees and books should be made out to ACM.